MC#1 Spriting Practice: Kalos Starter Lines

The Starter Triangle

Delta Chespin


Ability:Rock Head


Scientist experimented with both Rock and Bug type genes in the aim of creating a Pokemon with physical dominance. Although the Bug type genes remains recessive in Delta Chespin. The effects can be seen with the horn structures on its head, as well as two claws on its hands and single claw on its feet. Unlike Chespin, the shell covering its head and back is always hard. Moreover, Delta Chespin does not posses a tail due to its genes modification.

Delta Quallidin


Ability:Shell Armour

Delta Qualladin has a even harder shell than Chesnaught, resembling textures and durability of a rock. In battle, it prefers to counter attack with its sharp horns.

Delta Chesnaught

Modification 1


Ability:Compound Eye

Possible Set:


Head Smash/Stone Edge

Stun powder/Sleep powder/Iron Head

(Sheel Smash)/Cross Chop


The insect genes finally took place and lead to this form with bug like joint and carapace that surrounded the whole body.

Delta Chesnaught will charge at opponents with the three giant horns when startled. Its eye developed into a blue compound eye structure which greatly enhance its eyesight.Instead of using a shield, Delta Chesnaught relied on its shell armor to protect itself from attacks. It is much more aggressive than Chesnaught, probably a side-effect of genetic experiment.

No access to Spiky Shield, Rock Polish, recovery except Leech life, sword dance


Delta Fennekin



Slight mutation occurred on Delta Fennekin as its natural instinct of being a fox is awaken. As a result claws are grown and pupil turns purple. The fur under its year are crystallized, probably due to its manipulated type change.

Delta Braxien

Ability:Mega Launcher


When concentrating energy, the shard like structure under its ears will glow like crystals.Delta Braxien has a cannon that is developed by scientist. It is kept in its tail when not in use.

Delta Delphox


Ability:Mega Launcher

Possible set:

Aura Sphere

Dark Pulse

Vacuum Wave

Taunt/Dragon Pulse


Scientist have successfully utilized Delphox’s focusing mind power into concentrated blast of energy. The cannons Delta Delphox are using are are amplifiers that boosts the power of blasts. when not in use, they will be hidden in its sleeve-like fur.

Delphox are known for hunting down and blasting at its prey relentlessly. Its shot can be so accurate they it can hit preys from 200 metres away.

No access to Water Pulse, Heal Pulse, Mystical Fire, Psyshock

Delta Froakie



Scientist have given the Sword of Justice quartet’s genetic material to Fraokie. It resulted in Delta Froakie’s character being helpful and willing to sacrifice for others.The frubbles around its neck has turned into a cape like living tissue which serves the same function to absorb attacks.

Delta Frogadier

Ability:No gaurd


Whilst being a flying type, Delta Frogadier cannot fly properly. Instead, it is talented in gliding from high places. It can glide for very long distances with very little wind. During battles it would stick very close to its opponent and counter them with unmissable air current.

Delta Greninja


Ability:No gaurd

Possible set:



Focus Blast

Hidden Power


The end of its tongue surrounding its neck has turned into a sharp cape-like tissue that it can use to glide for distances in the sky. Instead of throwing water shuriken, it will use sharp edge of the to smash at opponents like a sword.

Delta Greninja likes to live in the city and had been seen working with police to catch criminals. It will use its tongue to create vortexes to trap the criminals while not hurting them critically.

No access to Priorities except Mat Block, recovery, Taunt, Brave Bird, Drill Peck, Water Shuriken



I really like the concept and the pictures, keep up with the good work

AMAZING i love it

I really like the Chespin line. However, try adding a bit of contrast between the middle and right side horns of D.Chesnaught(it’s right side), they seem very indistinguishable from each other and look like a single horn which really breaks the three horn symetry .Overall, the concept is very “solid”.

The Ideas are awesome, this is just a suggestion but the delta fennekin evolutionary line kinda resembles a cyborg so maybe steel/fighting?

How about this?

much better. :slight_smile:

It is possible but I have never thought of Delta Delpohx as a Cyborg. After all, Delta Pokemons are genetic experiments aren’t they?

Cyborg Pokemon would be another story, much like those shadow pokemon and Abyss Pokemon that Audrey is trying to summon. Possible, but not Deltas.

It is very well thought buuuut it would be cool to keep the concept of double triangle typing (just like the current delta starters have). And having only Greninja not being double type is really odd.

The current Deltas are not in any kind of sing type triangle relationship.

The dual-type relationship is kind of weird, as Charmander is one 2x strong and one 2x weak, Bulbasuar is 4x strong aginst Squirtle and 2x strong aginst charmander, Squirtle is one 2 x strong and one neutral. Can’t really see the triangle unless the designer tells what principal is applied :wink:

There must be at least some kind of rule for me to follow…

And I couldn’t think of a suitable secondary typing for greninja, maybe giving it electric would be too strong. Don’t forget Blastoise and Sceptile, so lone-single typing would be fine :relaxed:

This may be a stupid idea, but i think it would be cool if it were possible to allow greninja to gain some kind of steel typing (that matches the design or an adjusted one) or if it would be able to gain some kind of good steel type moves to deal with those fairy types. Wanted to say I love the designs once more, and i hope you make some more really good sprites.

Not Stupid at all! It is completely possible that flash cannon is in its move pool. I don;t feel like redoing Delta Greninja into a steel type though :persevere: I’d rather start a new delta Pokemon with steel type.

Too be honest, you wouldn’t have to do much at all to the greninja to make it steel typing, you could even do just that, nothing, and call it a steel type because of its sharp cape.

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