Masuda Delta Mons

Trading Name: Emerald24111

Offer: A couple bredmons, or something else you want.

Request: Non US delta dwebble cake, non US delta pikachu, non US Delta Beldum spider, non US delta Sunkern, and non US delta ralts

Further info: I’m not going to get a masuda delta ditto so this is the only way I can hunt with better odds. I would like good natures but that’s an extra hassle.

I can get ya all of them :)), I don’t rly need anything in return kekw

Also would this work as masuda because I’m paranoid

Yeah it would

Assuming your comp language is English us


@GiaPeNiw can you trade now?

@GiaPeNiw when can you trade?

ReViVe FoR 4DaYs

We don’t need this topic anymore


tats y i did it

that was a joke

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