Masuda delta ditto

Trading Name: mewman658

Offer: my own delta ditto

Request: a delta ditto that would count as masuda for an American

Further info: i can add extra things/pokemon if needed, i just want to masuda shiny hunt some deltas

I’ve got a 6IV EU Delta Ditto, I’m usually available to trade between 17:00-19:00 CEST, but if that’s uncomfortable for you I might be able to go online at a different time.

Oh, and could you make sure that your own Delta Ditto either has 6 IVs or an adamant/modest/timid/jolly nature?

I can help out right now if you want to

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heyy, if either of you guys are available anytime soon, i could trade

im not sure i could make that time, and my ditto doesnt have 6ivs or that nature, sorry man

is anyone available for this?

are you still able to do this?

Sorry I wasn’t online. I can still do this if you are active rn

Best if you have my Discord account too so that I can much more easily have this trade done

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