Masuda D. Ditto Trade

Trading Name: ghastly7

Offer: My Delta Ditto, plus a heart scale for the trouble

Request: A non-North American Delta Ditto so I can breed some pretty glittery friends

Further info: Really crossing my fingers here that someone can help me out with this! This’ll be my first time ever using Masuda method, after all!

Hi, I don’t have Delta Ditto yet, I’m in Helios City but I’m Italian, so if you have patience I will gladly exchange mine.

I appreciate that. Thank you.

I got 1 from germany,

could trade you today/ tomorrow

Great! Would you be available now?

If OP trades with the player from Germany, I’d love to trade for yours! I’ve been trying to find someone not from North America to trade from for a bit now :sweat_smile:

Will be for in the next hour, and probably in around 5-6 hours again

I’m ready now

are u still here?

I can be in a bit

Ready now if you are

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