Masterball Count (possible spoiler?)

Besides from events like Sonata Track rewards and the Pokepon machine, how many Masterballs can you get ingame? So far I’ve gotten two, one from the Darkrai Cult and one from Professor Pine. I saw one more in a city but I couldn’t figure out how to get in and actually get it. So I was wondering, how many Masterballs can you actually get???

Pokepon doesn’t give you a masterball, but Roggan Lottery does. The one in Amphrite is purely a troll. You can also get a 3rd master ball by giving Persephone Diana’s parcel.

I’m extremely late in the game and for now, the known masterball count is 3

Ah I thought Pokepon had a Masterball, my bad. No wonder I couldn’t get in to get it. I’ll go get the third one then, thanks!

Where and when can you give that to Persephone? :open_mouth:

I assume it’s after getting darkrai. You gotta talk to Diana if front of her gym after doing so.

Yeah, its sometime after you catch Darkrai, Diana will be standing outside her gym, you literally can’t miss her

where is Persephone doe?

In front of the house where you fought darkrai in the Nightmare Badlands

the wiki tells me that you have a low chance of winning it during sonata races while being sponsored by devon corp

Wow. I spent two entire hours trying to get the Amphrite one. That’s such a troll move on the dev’s part. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s another one inside the Darkrai Cult base in the room where they summon Darkrai. You gotta use Seed Flare on their ganky waters and surf south on the bottom pool

That’s the Darkrai base, not Abyssal base.

whoops yeah, there we go!

so say you get really lucky and get the masterball from the races, can you get multiple ones that way or is it just the first one?