Master ball invisible

Hello guys

So I caught arceus with the first master ball I’ve used in the playthrough, and I noticed that the master ball didn’t show up when I tried to catch it. I thought that it was a bit strange, and when I pulled up its summary…

The master ball is just invisible. It’s not there.

Anyone know why this is or how to fix? I’d appreciate it as it doesn’t even show me throwing the ball into the battle. Very small visual thing but I’d love an answer.

Oh yeah should add that it caught meloetta fine, it just glitched out here

Did you hack the Master ball for Arceus?

Legendaries sure be glitchy. do you run any mods/hacks/cheats? if so rip if not i have no idea maybe arcaeus is just in freebie mood right now

If any masterball appears invisible in the summary menu that mean it’s hacked. This is because insurgence uses a diff masterball then the one in essentials (the template/tool used to make insurgence) The essentials masterball graphic is not in the game files,thus making it invisible. I don’t know why exactly it’s like this tho. But I’m not sure if this one is hacked,I don’t know if hacked invisble masterballs show a masterball when thrown out in a battle,at the same time I don’t know how it could glitch out since it just needs 1 sprite and it does not even have to be defined because essentials will automatically take the sprite of the ball (that u see in the bag,I’m preety sure essentials will automatically resize it in-game) that u catched it with.

That’d explain it. I got a pokemon holding a masterball from a trade

Kinda stupid but whatever. Thanks for the response my dude.

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