Marill Huge Power! Wait

Gligarman here! On my way to the suntouched gym, on one route, I happened to find a cute Marill! Huge Power, Yes! Read much more today about IVS and such. So, decided to look at Marill’s values, and then it happened.

I suspect Marill Man, my nemesis was responsible.

In all seriousness, from what I’ve read on IV’s , Marill cant grow in Attack? Oh, just found out about IV stones

Don’t waste your IV stones. Find good nature first! Nature is the most important because ability can be changed with Ability Capsule.

I’m still new on the game so i’m not at that point yet but i read that you can change the nature of a pokemon.

But it is very rare. Based on the insurgence wiki,épon, nature change occurred at 1/12 chance. There are 25 natures of Pokemon. So, to get the nature you want, there is 1/300 chance.

1/300 = 0.333%

That’s why, good nature is always preferred first, before wasting IV stones.

Or you can get a 6IV Ditto with IV Stones and get a Marill with a good nature and breed them together.:slight_smile:

Edit: With the Everstone on Marill and Destiny Knot on Ditto.