Marill breeding

Update: it was a matter of luck… can’t believe it T_T

OP: I don’t know if it’s just horrible luck, but I’ve been breeding marill, and for some reason all 8 eggs I hatched were female. Marill’s supposed to have a 50-50 ratio, so Idk if I should continue trying or just give up…

y do u need a male marill? Female is good enough.

Because I’m trying to breed camouflage onto a flabebe, so I need male marill with camouflage :confused:

fair. You are probably having terrible luck right now. Hopefully you get a male soon

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue: I really hope so T_T

do u want a delta larvesta, possibly 6IV, i’ll need to breed an extra, if u want it

Umm I dont have anything worthy of that since I havent bred forr IVs :confused: Thx for the offer tho!

oh no its free, also im in school rn so don’t expect me to trade rn. wait till 3:00 EST for the larvesta

Really? Thanks :smile: I might be 1hr late from that time, because I have class too :stuck_out_tongue:

oh ok, tell me when today. I have homework so i guess around 7-8pm EST? your choice. It’s doesn’t take too long for an egg.

That time sounds good to me too :stuck_out_tongue: Thx

no problem

hey you on?

Yup I’m here :slight_smile: Let me get something to trade!