Map file

Whenever I use the pikataxi the yellow dots where I can fly to aren’t on the same locations as the towns on the map. I watched a playtrough where somebody had another map than me and the yellow dots were on the same places as the town.

So does anybody have the file for a map where the yellow dots are on the same place as the towns?

Did you patch up from 1.1.8 and is this the map that you have or are looking for?

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I downloaded 1.2.2 core. And yes that is the map, thanks a lot

Wait, that’s copied from the wiki, not sure if that changes the size or anything.

Here’s the one from the game(name: mapRegion0 in pictures folder), though it sounds like a partial/incomplete download/extraction.

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This worked. I tried the other one first, but it was too small. Thanks a lot