Many bugs encountered

Hi there !

I downloaded the game few days ago after having played awhile in the 0.9 version.
The game is still quite good but I was surprised by som bugs I encountered.

First of all, as for many player my Friend Safari is bugged, I can’t upload or make a Welcome Message without having an error. I saw that it was already reported and the team is working on it.

But if it was the only issue then I wouldn’t have made this topic…
When I’m trying to get to some player’s base (for instance Lesss) it does nothing…

The same goes for the Trade Function, in Zeta / Omicron it was quite well working but now Wonder trade isn’t working anymore. The GTS is the same, I, by accident put 3 pokemons there and I can’t remove them or edit what I want in exchange for them. So I’m stuck with it because there’s only three slots.

Another thing related to GTS, for Nidoran ♂ it is possible to ask for a female, and the same for Nidoran ♀ with a male, in addition to the well-known bugs it totally broke the system so be aware of this please.

Well, that’s quite a long post and I haven’t tested the online fighting system because I’m not interested into this. I hope you’ll be able to see what’s wrong and correct it.

I give my best regards to the Insurgence Team, go on with this game it’s quite good !