Male Delta Bulbasaur For Starter

I’ve been trying to get a male delta Bulbasaur for my starter (I prefer it over the female, I think it looks better). I saved right before walking into Professor Sylvan’s lab and everytime I pick bulbasaur for my starter, it’s always female. Do I have to completely restart or is the gender just set? On the wiki page it says bulbasaur has a 50/50 chance of being male of female and I’ve restarted my game several times and get a female each time. I’m not doing a nuzlocke or any sort of challenge run, just a regular play through of the game.

Mine is female too, but you should be able to get a male one. If not, I could try to bread one for you.

Thanks @Andi I actually just reset it (just got home from class) and I finally got a male. Thanks for the offer though! :relaxed: