Making the Game Run Smoother

I just downloaded Pokemon Insurgence on my PC and for some reason it won’t run smoothly. The text is choppy and walking around the frame rate isn’t great. My PC runs other fan games like Uranium and even Phoenix Rising without any issues. I noticed though that the other game developed by the Insurgence team, Zeta/Omicron also runs choppy on my PC. Maybe it’s the way it was developed? I’ve tried everything I can. I re-installed, set affinity to one core, made the window size smaller, and tried running it through my NVIDIA graphics card. It just won’t seem to run smooth. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

How much RAM does your PC have?

My PC has 16 GB of RAM

Hey man I’ve was struggling with this for awhile, I play it on a dell laptop from 2008 so i’m lacking but I get really smooth fps by using rm fps control, I set that to 500. Then I use cheat engine and use “open process” i’ll open game.exe with that and enable speedhack and set that to 20, I set game.exe, fps_control.exe and cheatengine.exe and set those to above normal. I also play on the smallest setting possible in the ingame options and use the magnifier program at 400% and my game runs pretty game smooth. Turning still feels kinda unresponsive but you’ll get use to it.