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Major pokemon in randomiser

Currently playing pokemon randomiser and have a question. Mainly, what kind of pokemon remain the same in major battles? As far as I’m aware, major trainers and leaders have a random Mega. If their team usually have a legendary, would they also have random legendary pokemon in their teams?

There is total randomization, minus Mega Evolutions and Primal Reversions. Megas will randomize to other Megas, and Primal Reversions will randomize to other Primals.

Interesting. So battling Audrey in Hard Randomiser Nuzlocke modes, she would have a mega evo and a primal pokemon (as she had kyogre)? Or simply the mega evo?

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She would have a Mega to replace her Mega Crawdaunt, and a Primal to replace her Primal Kyogre.

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Alright, cool

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Does it guarantee said primal to go primal? When battling her and she sent out a Groudon, it doesn’t go primal and stayed a its normal forme.