Major boss ev spreads

I’m on normal mode, and I am setting up for Diana, which is when the game starts giving full spreads to bosses I read on the wiki, but it doesn’t list any natures or evs. If anyone had a list of the spreads on the major battles in the game that would be greatly appreciated. Don’t worry, I know the story so know worry about spoilers.

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Well, generally for attackers, assume a 252 attacking stat and 252 spe, +speed nature. I would check the Smogon Dex for an idea of the general idea of the spread.

Yeah probably for the best, but with stuff like deltas, and new megas it would probably not always be accurate. At the very least I input my d.venusaurs evs and ivs and they calculated correctly so I have an accurate range of damage once I change the type for stab buffs. Of course won’t help when going mega, but base forms have same bst as normal so it’s simple to input the values.

Yeah, but the EVs have been stated to be optimal, so there’s a high chance of that type of spread. Also, there’s a custom Insurgence calc somewhere in #announcements

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