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Made A sprite of A new form of Rayquomi

Hi Today I made a new form of Rayquomi. This is a Data type it is one out of 2 Data types. In this He has a monitor showing a digital happy face , an electric charger tail, Binary codes on head, And added some digital patterns
Rayquomi Data Encrypted

This type I made A sprite!! First sprite Peeps. Thanks to @one_above_all for the original black on the body.

Umm I made it on paper too…


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so, you like rayquomi

i made a version as well
380-1.png (6)-1.png (3)

i also made a happy face animation for the computer

Umm yes i mean look at my name

Thank u

im pretty sure it was sarcastic, also no offense but literally all your recolors have been of rayquomi. it seems like your kinda obsessed with it. if you get offended sorry i didnt mean to lol

but ngl this data rayquomi is my fav so far

Thank u

Its ok

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