Machamp Trade

Trading Name: CLC95

Offer: ?

Request: It would be nice to have a machamp and I already have a machoke. It could help me in the league. I just hope that someone can just also trade back.

U can evolve your machoke on the Black market

The Witch Doctor in the Black Market in Helios City(pre 3rd Gym) allows you to evolve Pokémon that normally require trading, assuming that all of their trading conditions have been met.

cool thanks want to trade something anyway? I would like a strong ish steel type to trade wit h that delta scyther guy

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Does that mean ya want smth or ya want to give me smth? U don’t have to give me anything lol

do you want anything?


Well, I just want a highish lvled steel type so that scyther won’t be weak I just looked at the moveset for scyther and like before 41 becauce it learns icicle crash, if thats alright with you

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