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Mac Wine Problems

Hi I managed to get past the wine crossover and stable problem now i have a new problem. I’ve attached the screenshot in this post. Thanks for yer time <3

Are u using an mac winebottler?
If then the best u can do is:
Try running with either Terminal or using Wine Stable to run Game.exe, Winebottler is pretty outdated and a pain and a half to set up. If you go into your Terminal (Applications → Utilities) and copy and paste the following command: curl -S "" | bash it will begin the installation script to run the game for you.

If everything goes smoothly, it will guide you through a few different steps in Terminal, and occasionally will ask you for your password. It’ll look as if you’re not typing anything in, but it just hides characters for security, and will still let you type it in.

An alternate way to download the game, without using Terminal:

  • Go into your pkmn_insurg folder, then into the folder titled drive_c
  • Within this folder, there should be a subfolder called Program Files x86 , open this and search for a folder titled Pokemon Insurgence 1.2.5 Core or Pokemon Insurgence 1.2.5
  • If you can’t find any such folder, download the Windows Pokemon Insurgence 1.2.5 Core from here! Extract the .zip file by double clicking on the file.
  • Open the Core folder, and locate the file called Game.exe , and right click the file! Select “Open with Wine Stable” and it should let you run the game through Wine, assuming you’re on a version of Mac before Catalina!
  • If you experience any issues with the game crashing upon hearing the Gengar or Mew’s cry , go into your Pokemon Insurgence 1.2.7 Core , then into the folder titled Audio , then into the SE subfolder. It will give you the option to sort by Kind. Delete all the .mp3 files from the SE folder, and try and boot up the game again.
    Also i dont use a mac and this is the best info i could find.

Wine won’t work with the Mac version I have, so the errors were still the same. But thank you for the help though :slight_smile:

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To be honest Wine is very unstable.
I played Pokemon Uranium on Winebottler for T-minus 6 hours and all of a sudden THE ENTIRE FILE GOT CORRUPTED. No backups, no nothin’.

Honestly, either update your Mac to the newest version (10.15, Catalina) and Bootcamp your computer to Windows (I use this method :joy:) or just sell your Mac and get a Windows computer.

Bottomline, you can’t really do RPGMaker games made for Windows on a Mac.