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[Mac] Running into bad cpu type during install

Hey everybody.

After a bunch of hurdles deleting and reinstalling a bunch of binaries- I finally got to step 8 but now I’m stuck with the following error and have no clue what I need to do to proceed.
Any and all help appreciated.


Creating virtual Windows installation at ~/pkmn_insurg

Remember to accept all prompts to install Mono and/or Gecko, you may be asked several times

Lots of Wine logs (may look like nonsense) coming up…

/opt/homebrew/bin/wineboot: line 46: /opt/homebrew/bin/wine: Bad CPU type in executable

/opt/homebrew/bin/wineboot: line 46: /opt/homebrew/bin/wine: Undefined error: 0

On Big Sur V 11.5.2
Macbook Pro Apple M1 Chip

Did you use the script instead of the script as explained on Installing Insurgence ?