M- Hydregion and Damian hax

Hoi. M-Hydregion seems to have a new ability, Lernean, but what is that even? Also, in the hard mode battle, Damian’s M-Delta Charizard has focus blast, which is illegal currently. Boi;;

Lernean will make a move hit 5 (I think) times, but have only 1/5 the power on each hit. Focus Blast is an available TM.

Yes but i don’t think delta zard can learn it.

@dan1029dan1029 Depending on mega hydreigon’s health, it will have a certain amount of heads, ranging from 5-9. When it uses a move, the move will become multihit, the number of each hit being: ( bp of move / number of heads ) + 5

So if the hydreigon uses hyper voice (bp 90) and has six heads, each head will do 90/6+5=20 damage, so your 90 bp move becomes a 120 bp move.

Probably just to make the battle harder. Devs can give Pokemon whatever moves they like to make the battling easier or harder, just like Pursuit on Delta Squirtle.

Delta Squirtle was an exception to prevent the battle from being impossible without the use of Potions. Otherwise we have tried to make the movesets of all opponents legal.

Focus Blast on Delta Charizard was an oversight on my part. It will be replaced with Hidden Power Fighting in 1.2.

oh. ok!