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Lynn's shiny shop

Trading Name:
A shiny of your choice, this does not include: Legendaries! I have a life, people! , Deltas (minus starters, i can do those) Ditto. This does include: Almost everything else. Just know that depending on what you choose, your waiting time may vary.
Whatever you see fit, as long as its a fair offer.
Further info: If you’d like to see my waiting list, just ask please. ALSO, if you’re getting a custom order (shinies I don’t have yet) tell me your offer in advance!
I also have a V.I.P waiting list.

V.I.P customers get one extra random shiny with their orders. Getting on the V.I.P waiting list costs 12 IV stones. You do not have to pay extra IV stones with each order to get the bonus shiny, it’s a one-time payment. Other perks such as evolution stones and held items may be added on every 3 orders. You may choose between the two, or a random Pokemon egg.


Which shinies do you currently have available? I have a pretty large collection of dexnaved shinies that I could offer, so would need to see what I don’t already have.

I would appreciate a brave bird & whirlwind egg move skarmory or fire fang egg move girafarig though. I have plenty of IV stones to offer up so sign me up for the VIP, just let me know when and where to send em over

As seven asked, what shinies do you currently have available ^?

Currently I only have Eevee and Grimer on my main save file, but I do have a spare save file that has a few in its PC. I cant currently access it, so ill have to hunt new ones until I can. I will get onto hunting your girafarig and skarmory later today, and it should be ready in a few days.Your name has been added to the normal waiting list until our first trade, where you can choose to make the payment there if you don’t want to do it now.

all good! Girafarig should be easier, since I think only way to get egg moves on Skarmory is to breed them and then masuda method a shiny.

Also, is the document supposed to be require permission?.

The document is to see your spot on the waiting list and how long it may take. It may take a few extra days than listen because I’ve been busy hanging out with my family. I will update it right now.

Wait if I’m in the vip waiting line,Do I get a extra random shiny on EVERY order?

yes, EVERY order. @demopan

i’ve also forgot to mention, once I get more customers, the V.I.P waiting list customers will be first priority. (first VIP customer before first normal customer, and after the first normal customer will be the 2nd VIP customer. if this becomes an issue, I will get rid of this part of the system and the vip waiting list members will just get the extra shiny idea)

1.Alright,I have TON of iv stones,U dont have a friend safari it seems. i cant give the ivstones if i cant get to ur friend safari mail.i tried typing ur forum and ur trading name.
2.I have a question,where should I post my order? Here or pm you? Or smth.

Hello, yes I do have a friend safari. We can just do them via trade, and I have your 1st time shiny ready. I can trade from now - 6, as I have to get ready for school by 6. Just tell me when you can be on

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Hmm i just realized trading 12 ivstones one by one,having a mon hold it, is hard. it would take a lot of time.

I’m locked out of the document, as it says I need your permission to view it. Wasn’t sure if that was supposed to be intentional or not. I’ve sent the request for permission on google.

Also, I’m with Demopan, sending IV stones via friend safari mail would be much less time consuming.

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im back from school, and yes it would be. ill just fix the friend safari real quick and you can put the IV stones in the mailbox when ur ready

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oops, sorry. that was not intentional. and im fixing the friend safari issue right now, ill dm you both when its open

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Done. I gave dem iv stones. i gave about 65 i think. Be carefull the game might lag when u open the mail. Btw does this mean im the FIRST vip? and im the highest priority over any other vip customer? If not thats okay.

it does mean you’re the first vip. would you like to place an order now or wait?

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also, since you’ve added 38 extra stones, you may have 3 free shiny vouchers. the free shiny vouchers are useable once per week, and you do not have to place an order to get them. just dm me saying you want to use one. this week is currently unavailable

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I’m done gifting mine as well, and would like to keep my order of what I posted above

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okay, thank you. ill update the vip list

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