Lvl120 Shiny 6IV D.Charizard w/ Mega Stone

Trading Name: Selenium

Offer: LVL120 - Shiny - Timid - D. Charizard - 6/31IV’s - EVTrained + D.Charizardite

Request: A Legendary.

Further info: If you are one of these with two Zygardes you may consider that…

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Does the legendary matter? I got all of them cuz I completed the dex. If you’re not picky id prefer to do giratina :))

Giratina is great!

oh perfect! It’s modest too, if you’re okay with that :))
i’m ready now if you’re ready?
trade name’s hulaunicorns :))

It’s fine, I’ll open the game wait…

sure, lmk when you’re ready and I’ll get online

Ok, I’m ready to trade!

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ready too!
uh oh, it says you’re not online?

waaa do you want the d. charzardite back? I already have one :O))

also thank you so much! It’s a beautiful shiny :))

Nice! Thanks Again!

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Well It was part of the trade, but if you want you can give it back, I’ll certainly not complain!

If you’re okay with me having it then I’m okay with it ^w^ I was j. wondering cuz it’s a valuable item that you can only get once.
I can trade it back now, or if you need it back later just let me know!

I got to get to bed now, but lmk if you need it anytime okay? I’ll be free most of tmrw to give it back :))
//and thanks again for the beautiful shiny ^w^

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Well, i got it twice, once because D.Char was my starter and the second time I bought at the battle frontier place. Same goes for D.Venusaurite, I got it as a gift from the Prof. and also bought it at the battle frontier:

Oh ok, that’s fine then :)) if u do ever end up needing it for whatever reason, just lmk!

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