Lucky Egg?

Does anyone know the location of the Lucky Egg?

Koril town, held by a Loudred in the house directly east of the Stock Market

And Hekate town, talk to the Whismur in the house east of the PikaTaxi

Alright thanks.

Are those the only ways? Can I find a Pokemon in the wild carrying one? I sold both of mine because I thought I was done but then the game glitched at the battle tower and my Pokemon were all set back to level 50 and training them is a bitch and a half.

The last comment was 7 months ago, but I’ll help anyway.

Chanseys in Route 8 have a minuscule chance of holding them. Try not to lose your sanity.

thanks fam

Just in case you sold both of those lucky eggs, there is a “miniscule” chance of finding a chancey carrying one on route 8. Chancey COMES WITH FLING which will erase that egg from existence so… have thief. You find the TM for thief (hidden) in a small tree in the Holon Grasslands directly above the Manaphy statue. You can put thief on almost every pokemon, but i recommend you put it on a pokemon with the frisk ability to see if a Chancey has it or not. Put that Pokemon in the second slot of your party with the first one being a fainted Pokemon with the compound eyes ability because it slightly boosts the chance for wild Pokemon to have items, wether the pokemon with compound eyes is fainted or not. Its easy to find a Butterfree in the murky forest. Just switch its ability with an ability capsule sold in the same forest using strength at the northeast. Chancy can come with nothing, a lucky punch, or a lucky egg. Using thief on any wild Pokemon (excluding ones with sticky hold) will take the item and keep it IF you have no item currently on the Pokemon who used thief. This seems like a lot but its what I did, (sorry I put this on the forums so late)

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