Lucky egg, exp share, help :)

Trading Name: LittleNooz

Offer: Everstone, Magnet

Request: Lucky Egg, Exp.Share

Further info:

you can’t exactly offer nothing in return for these items, y’know…

you can get an exp share from the black market at one of the cashiers

The items you are offering are are shit and what you are requesting is expensive so I doubt that anybody would accept this trade.

Hi LittleNooz,

Getting an Exp.Share with a trade is probably the only thing that you will get. But as of the moment you get to Metchi Town, you are able to use your Secret Base. In your Secret Base you can get a Level Trainer. which will make grinding easier.

As far as getting the items you request:

Lucky Egg:
You can get one in between Gym 2 and Gym 3 in Koral Town (a Loudred in a house is holding it)
In between Gym 5 and Gym 6 in Hekate Town (a Whismur in a house is holding it)

You have a possibility of getting one from the lottery in Rogan Town
You can buy them in the Black Market in Helios City (3rd Gym town)


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