Lucario or Delta Bisharp?

I caught a riolu but i know delta bisharp is strong so i was wondering if i should get lucario on my team or get delta bisharp once i can

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It depends on what you think your team needs.

δBisharp is tankier (especially mega) while Lucario is quicker and more versatile with the moveset. I personally prefer Lucario (I don’t really fancy the megaevolution of δBisharp, while mega Lucario is cool as heck) but if that’s not a concern of yours (or you even like it) then I’d say go with the delta: they’re the main gimmick of this game, it would be a shame to not use them :stuck_out_tongue:


It also heavily depends on your team. What else do you have in your party?

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Right now i have D Venusaur, D Ralts, Riolu, and Clauncher. Im at vipik city.

I think Delta Bisharp woulb be better because he conter your Ralts ground weakness by hadding an immunity.

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