Lucario and Turbo Mode

How many steps do i have to walk for riolu evolve to a Lucario? and How do i leave Turbo Mode on without having to pemanently press M?

Walking isn’t really that fast of a way to build friendship. From catch (70) to evolution (220) you will need 38400 steps if my math is correct. If you’re that far, use EV reduction berries instead. Using around 15 will get you enough to evolve and 19 will cap your friendship at 255.

Regarding your question about Turbo Mode, you can’t toggle it on or off. I suggest rebinding it to a corner key and taping it down or adding a weight.

mfw i’m only at the mega lucario temple

You can leave the turbo mode on by putting a rock/stone on the button for the turbo mode so that the button is pressed all the time. Sounds stupid and simple at the same time, but it is the only option I know (and use).