Low quality backsprites

I’ve noticed quite a few Pokémon have extremely low quality backsprites, I’m suspecting its because they were taken from full body or 3d sprites.

Anyways, will it be fixed by the next update? Please, half my team is painful to look at when I send them into battle

I doubt it. Unless you or someone else, dedicate themselves to the somber task of go over all the Gen V and up pokes, megas and some Insurgence-only mons, you won’t be getting them any time soon.

People on pokecommunity have done it already

Those aren’t the right size, Insurgence uses Gen 4/DS-sized sprites (80x80) and those are Gen III/GBA-sized sprites (64x64).

Can’t you just enlarge them to 80x80?

Not really, the problem with pixel art is that you can just increase image size without it being obvious due to pixel size. In fact, they’d look as bad as the low-quality BW sprites/3D models you are complaining about. You’d have to completely replace the sprites in games for those for consistency’s sake, but then you would be sacrificing the quality/appearance of the majority of the pokemons’ sprites for the looks of the newer generations.

You could just enlarge the canvas to 80 x 80, which would mean those back sprites would just look smaller. Or enlarge to 130x130 then reduce the canvas to 80 x 80 (not sure if theres enough blank space) which would mean the back sprites would just be bigger than usual. To be honest to actually do all of them would take too much time, like you said.

Yeah, i thought about doing it back in the Zeta/Omicron days but well…I hadn’t seen someone who wanted to sacrifice the nicer sprites for consistency’s sake.

I suppose you could macro part of it to reduce the work at least but still…