Love Garchomp, who would I replace?

Just got to the Gible trade and I love me some Garchomp
Current Team:

Calm Mind
Hypnosis(for catching)

Ice Beam
Calm Mind
Ice Shard

Armored TTar
Stone Edge
Stealth Rock

Aqua Tail
Ice Fang
Iron Head

Flame Blitz
Close Combat
Mach Punch

Air Slash
Aura Sphere
Dazzling Gleam
Thunder Wave

I’m leaning toward either TTar or Togekiss. I also feel like I;m minmaxing too much but its my first playthrough and this game is wonderfully difficult

I’d keep ttar, it’s pretty good in a lot of situations (helped me out a lot for the E4), and you do have fairy overlap as well as a general coverage overlap with togekiss so i’d go for that :))

I was thinking the same thing. Plus TTar is my only real physical tank, sets up garchomp, and i suppose Id rather trade one immunity for another as opposed to losing darks immunities and the ability to counter other weather teams. Thanks

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No problemo, and ye that’s a good point. Sounds like you know what you’re gonna do xD

What’s your mega gonna be? Garchomp, or either of the Gardevoir duo?

also garchomp good.

I rebound Z as action, so i have yet to mega evolve even once lol. But if i figure it out, its probably Garchomp, havent even looked up mega abilities

I sugest you pick Mega Gardevoir, a set consisting of Psychic/Psychoc, Hyper Voice, Taunt and a coverage move absolutely anihilate the E4. She can defeat 5 out of 6 Pokémon from one of them herself and whit her mega ability Pixilate, her Hyper Voice turn into a boosted fairy type attack that break though anything that doesn’t resist it or isn’t named Chensey. She can also prevent the enemy from using Stealth Rock that hurt your Delta Gardevoir.

Mega Garchomp is also a good choice, combining raw power whit Tyranitar’s Sandstorm and you got a sand force boosted STAB earthquake coming from an base 170 Attack. That hurt A LOT.

I think it is mostly what you prefer, but I don’t recommend having both. 2 Mega Pokémon is quite overlapping.