Lost items at Battle Factory

Trading Name: Erenussocrates

Offer: random 6 trash pokemon

Request: random 6 trash pokemon, holding 3 crystal pieces, Red Orb, Blue Orb, Shell Bell

Further info: So I was wandering around Battle Frontier in post-game (version and I went into battle factory to do a few rental battles. Sometime after coming out of the double battle section (which was single battle btw, another bug) I’ve realized that my returned pokemon were all missing their holding items, which are the crystal pieces, red orb, blue orb and shell bell. I tried using one of the backup saves but I had saved the game too many times after it had happened. I was incredibly disappointed and infuriated.

I don’t think I could continue playing in that save after all that, if someone somehow helped me out about this, it would have been greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Got red orb, blue orb and shell bell back. I still lack the crystal pieces though.

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