Looped tracks solution

Currently, when a music starts in the game, it begins with an little “intro” and proceed until the track loop again. However, when the track loops, the intro starts again. That kinda break the atmosphere.

I might have an idea to solve this problem: divide the track into 2 separate files.

The intro is put on the first file, then the rest of the track loop like usual without playing the intro ever again.

Let’s take Audrey’s battle theme as an example. When we fight Audrey, the intro feature an storm sound and a hurricane alarm. That calmer moment is logical, but contrast with the more energetic feeling of the end. When the track loop, it break that energetic feeling previously established. With the two files system, the storm and hurricane alarm plays only at the beginning of the fight and don’t come again until the next battle. That can be applied with almost any tracks, not only the battle themes.

The game would technically have almost twice as much files, but it won’t take any more storage since it is simply spliced files.

That being said, it require to restart the whole soundtrack system to be applied, so I don’t think that system would be used until at least 3.2 if it ever happens to begin with.

I hope that was kinda useful. I have a very basic knowledge of programming, so that may not even be possible (even though it would surprise me).