Looking to evolve my Scyther

I got a Delta Scyther with the needed evolution item, if someone can help me evolve it that would be much appreciated.

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First, u can evolve any mon that evolves by trading with the help of the witch doctor in the black market. (It’s located in Helios City, where the third gym is)
Second, Delta Scyther is actually miles better than Delta Scizor. Because, well, Delta Scizor tends to be a more defensive mon, however, ice/fighting is a really bad defensive typing, so, the extra bulk it has doesn’t help it at all. Delta Scyther is just faster than Delta Scizor and Almost as Strong (in terms of attacking power) as Delta Scizor
Last, if u still want to evolve it, I’ll help you evolve it, but you’ll have to tell me your trade name


I found out actually about the witch doctor, but I wish I knew that Scyther was better than Scizor in this but oh well.


sad scizor noises


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