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Looking to Borrow Someone's Kyogre

Trading Name: GiaPe

Offer: If there’s smth ud like, lmk

Request: Your Kyogre ( I just need it for a bit, I’ll return immediately)

Further info: I was just curious if it’s possible to trigger the rayquaza encounter before actually having to encounter and catch kyogre and groudon . I would normally ask to borrow a groudon as well, but I did catch mine yesterday, so, yeah, lol

I could let you borrow it

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Cool, thanks. Anything ud want in specific?

A shiny would be too much so really anything. Also how goes the hunt?

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Have kinda stopped to hunt your sunkern to hunt some other stuff, once I’m done hunting my other stuff, I’ll continue with hunting your sunkern

Alright. Good luck with your dd corphish

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Thanks. Also, is there any chance u can trade now?


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I’m hunting at the moment and I’m getting really annoyed with it

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Good luck.
BTW, your trade name’s the same as your username here,correct?


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Cool Beans

Wait sorry I’m being called

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