Looking for Team Suggestions

Whenever I play any pokemon game, I’m the type of person who likes to decide my pokemon even before playing the game. (I also like to use a textual walkthrough/guide when playing so if anyone knows of one, it would be helpful). So far, I’ve decided

  1. Delta Charizard
  2. Delta Gardevoir/Gallade (don’t know which to choose)
  3. Delta Venusaur
  4. Blaziken
  5. Greninja
  6. Nidoking If you think that another pokemon should take the place of one of the six, feel free to tell me and give a reason or two. Maybe one is better for gyms or elite four, etc.
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My team for beating the E4 is: (btw look up e4 pokemons) Venusaur (my starter) Moves are: moonblast, psychic, thunderbolt, moonlight. Its a mega venasaur so the hubris boost can be helpful. Used it mostly throughout the game especially the last gym.

Blaziken: (my E4 star) I swepped the 2 of the elite four with this guy. He has speedboost and i got him at the friend safari (look it up) basically 2 of the e4 has started with a pokemon that has a ground type move, so i attached an air balloon to this blaziken and used sword dance 3 times, they will keep using earthquake and you wont get damaged and then swepted Moves are Blaze kick, low kick, thunder punch, and sword dance. Btw i The champion has a tyranitar with earthquake so i used the same stratergy and sweped him. I barely got damaged. PS but air ballons in Helios (look it up). Blaziken is op. Oh yeah look up peoples friend safaries threads online.

Electrivire (got by trading any bug type for an elekid in metchi town. I lvld him up and eventually gave him the electrizer (also found in helios department) and gave him to the withdoctor (a person in the black market who evolves trade pokemons), Moves are : livewire (a new entry hazard which paraly

ze opponents switching in, flamethrower, thunderbolt, and focus blast. he is really useful for 7th gym and 3rd gym. give him an air ballon just in case as well.

Delta Haxorus, hes pretty useful after you get him, his moves are aqua tail, permafrst, earthwuake and superpower. hes just there just in case Air ballon is good on him.

Delta scizor (get a delta scyther by trading any steel type with the person in the house in route after the first gym. get never-melting-ice in helios department and give him to witchdoctor.) hes OP i sweeped many gyms with him hes especially good on the 2nd gym. His moves are icicle crash, close combat, drain punch, and false swipe (you can replace this with something else) Icicle crash is good stab, cc can be a good powerful stab move, and drain punch is for recovery. False swipe for catching stuff.

and finally flygon (vibrava found in rezzai dessert) mega flygon is a great special attacker with an ability that boosts sound moves
flygonite is also found in rezzai desert. Hes good againts the trick room elite four and his moves are bug buzz, flamethrower, ancient roar (a rock move) and drakon voice (a powerful dragon sound move).

so this is my effective team. I really like the team but you only get one delta starter before e4 except by trade and greninja is hard to get before the postgame because froakie is in a hidden grotto and it has a low chance of appearing. But the rest is ok i guess.

sorry its to big so i split it.

Seems like a cool team, will use it. Thanks

Use 6 Top Percentage Rattata lol

Blaziken and Delta Venusaur are both quite powerful and useful end-game. Between D-Gardevoir and D-Gallade I would recommend D-Gardevoir (more powerful Ice/Electric STAB set with Ice Beam/Thunderbolt and has access to Focus Blast for coverage, the standard 4th move is Livewire which sets a field that has a high chance to paralyze any grounded pokemon the opponent sends in for the rest of the battle).

I would probably suggest switching up Greninja, Nidoking, and D-Charizard for better utility/bulk. You already have powerful sweepers in D-Venusaur, Blaziken, and D-Gallade, you could add more bulk to the remaining 3 spots on your team. I would recommend D-Volcarona as a replacement to Nidoking. With Levitate it has no weaknesses and has a wide variety of high power coverage moves (you would need someone to breed you a D-Larvesta to trade to you as it unlocks at very late game).

D-Serperior could replace D-Charizard. D-Serperior is fairly bulky with access to Multiscale ability, only has 2 weaknesses to Fairy/Dragon with its Dragon/Water typing, and has access to Dragon Dance and Slack Off.

The last spot is up to you, I would only recommend staying away from another pokemon that’s weak to ground types as you already have 2 of those in D-Gardevoir and Blaziken. Gliscor could be a nice options as Ground/Flying type.

one ask: How do i get the delta venusaur and greninja?

d.bulbasaur can be obtained either as a starter, after beating the e4 from professor sylvan, or after beating the elite 4 rematch from damian
greninja can be caught in murk forest (froakie), friend safari (frogadier), or nexa border/holon marsh

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