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Looking For Strong Ice Type

Trading Name: Kuski

Offer: D.Gardivoir Or lvl 1 D.Larvesta

Request:Any Strong Ice Type Pokemon

Further info:i would like this pokemon to be lvl 43-45(if Possible) Because i want to beat the sky cult boss and i need a pokemon that wont disobey me

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Hmm sure hmm not sure which one tho.

What do u want i dont care what u offer.

Any good ice type to take down the augur and the sky gym leader

Hmm i guess froslass?

or abomasnow?

mmm is it good ive never used it before

Im not sure same lol

Both can mega evolve

Hmm perhaps d gallade?

ok… i have 2 d gardivoir and my main one disobeys me thats why i asked

hmm so which?

d galade under lvl 50… is that fine?

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Yup sure let me get ready

Give me a few mins

ok… And whats your trade name?


ok and can you tell me when will we get the mega stone for d galade or d gardivoir

yes wait

ok …