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Looking for steelixite

Trading Name: mewman658

Offer: tyranitarite or flygonite, or a delta with the mega stones if u really want, ill get an iv stone too

Request: steelixite (fire or steel, fire is preferred)

Further info: i have a shiny steelix, but im early in the game, and i dont think i want to have to wait the entire game to get a mega stone. someone please help.

I got one if you still want one for an iv stone?

which one? also what do you want for it?

the fire one

is that ok?

thats the exact one i wanted lol

for an iv stone if possible pls. you ok to trade now?

gimme a sec

my trading name is sqiddy747

i got the stone, im ready

ok thanks!

thank you so much

if you want it the Torchic does have good ivs, but a really bad nature (sorry)

the torchic is fine thanks lol

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