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Looking for some shiny

Trading Name: KarmaG87

Offer: atm i got iv stone to offer and an us d ditto

Request: some random shiny(i prefer mudkip,cynda,febas or swablu)

Further info:(prob nobody will do this but i have to try)

I know it’s not what you’re looking for, but does a Shiny Mismagius appeal to you at all?

Um yeah,how Many iv stone do you want?

It’s a Bold nature and the IVs aren’t great. I’d feel bad taking any more than 3. What is fair to you?

Yeah can we do it tommorow?(italian timezone)

Tomorrow is fine. Just message me when you’re available. If you want to leave the IV Stones at my secret base, my name in-game is MadArcanist as well.

Would you take more than 3?

Dont you dare

Its his choice on what he want to do

Also imo 3 iv stone for a shiny aint worth it as they are hard to find

Well yeah,so do you want to start an auction or something?

I let him chose

No not an auction. someone got banned last time that happend

Yeah let him choose

Oh wow,well his choice but i mean the max price of a bad nature shiny is like 3-5 stone

I already agreed to the price of 3 for the shiny, unless Karma felt otherwise. I’ll keep my word on this, I made a mistake before by making a deal with someone else when I already promised someone a shiny.

Its all yours

I appreciate that,tommorow will do the trade,and ill add an iv stone

I’ll just sneak in here, take the shiny and leave, hehehe

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