Looking for some advice on my team

So so far I got four that I for sure want to use:

Tyranitar @ T-Tar Armor (Sand Stream)

248 HP - 80 Def - 180 Sp.Def (Impish)

  • -EDIT: Pursuit
  • -Stone Edge
  • -Crunch
  • -Stealth Rock

D. Bisharp @ D. Bisharpite (Technician)

4 HP - 252 Atk - 252 Spe (Jolly)

  • -Mach Punch
  • -Hi Jump Kick
  • -Aerial Ace
  • -EDIT: Power-Up Punch

D. Chandelure @ Choice Specs (Fairy Aura)

255 Sp.Atk - 255 Speed (Modest)

  • -Moonblast
  • -EDIT: Fire Blast
  • -EDIT: Earth Power
  • -EDIT: Trick

EDIT: Latios @ Life Orb (Levitate)

4 Def - 252 Sp.Atk - 252 Spe

  • -Psychic
  • -Dragon Pulse
  • -Recover
  • -Defog

Any ideas would be amazing! If there’s anything about my current four that could change for the better, do let me know about that too! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Chandelure with choice specs could get good coverage with energy ball

a defensive T-tar could get good coverage with elemental fangs can also have t-wave for some reason but earthquake is never a bad option

Replace Chip Away on Tyranitar with Pursuit. This lets you keep Stealth Rock up after Lati@s tries to Defog. Crunch is okay, but Ice Beam, Fire Blast, and Thunder Wave are also viable options.

Roost isn’t good on M-Delta Bisharp because it’s pretty frail anyways. Run Power-Up Punch to hit physical walls on the switch so you have enough power to beat them. It can also secure a win if you use it to finish off a weakened target.

Delta Chandelure’s moves should be Moonblast, Fire Blast/Overheat, Earth Power, and Trick/Flamethrower (Only run Flamethrower if your second move is Overheat). Psychic doesn’t really hit anything the Fire move or Earth Power doesn’t harder. Moonblast does more to Water types than Energy Ball, so that isn’t needed either. Trick can be used to cripple special tanks on the switch, but Flamethrower + Overheat can be used if you want to alternate between consistency and power.

Latios is a pretty good partner because it can check Keldeo and Defog away Stealth Rocks so Chandelure has more longevity.