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Looking for Snorunt or Froslass

Trading Name:
I don’t really have much since I am new but if you ask for something and I have it, I will trade it.
Snorunt preferably, but Froslass is good too.
Further info:
If you can spare one that would be pretty cool of you and I would appreciate it! Thanks again.

Sure. Nature matter?

i can get you a snorunt for free but iv stones are appreciated

Nope, any is fine. I just really like the pokemon.

Ok. When can you trade?

Do you have a Frosslass or a Snorunt? I actually just managed to catch a Snorunt and I will just have to wait to find a Dawn Stone. Thanks for your offer anyways though!

I can give you a dawn stone.

Oh thanks then! Can you trade today? I’m online right now.
My Trading Name:

Ok. name is DrakeH2031. Wait a min.

Actually… name is Firefiber733339.

I am typing the name into the trade and it says not online. I will attempt again in 2 mins.

Yeha. Almost ready.

Take your time, no rush

Online now.

Thanks again! I really appreciate it! If you ever want anything you can dm me.

Ok. I like helping.

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