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Looking for Shiny Lairon

Trading Name: Fantasia

Offer: 2 IV Stones

Request: Shiny Lairon

Further info:

I can try to get one

okay then, tell me when you have it

got it!!!

a shiny Lairon? screenshot please

…jesus that was fast. Okay, let me get the IV Stones on some random pokemon

I know it was really quick so you probably don’t believe me. I just got really lucky

so, you’re going to get a level 13 hidden ability Sliggoo, and a level 85 Moody Smeargle with a Baton Pass moveset, both have IV Stones, getting on now

thanks so much!

tell me when, remember, my name is Fantasia

ok ready

was that one the shiny?

yes, go again for second IV Stone

sorry can we try again?



gah it won’t let me move to trade, let’s try again

ok thanks!

pleasure doing business with you, until next time then ig