Looking for shiftrite

Trading Name: I am looking for shiftire.

Offer: idk yet what do you want

Request: shiftrite to mega evolve shiftry

Further info:

Do you have shinies, IV stones?

depending on what you have would mostly be looking for shinies if i am going to give it up

S/he just wants the megastone so you could keep the shiny. (You’re gonna get shiftrite in 1.2 anyway)

True I just wanted to know if I can get a shiftrite.

You can’t get a shiftrite in 1.1 if that’s what you’re asking (without trading of course)

Please follow the default trading template

Your post has been closed until it follows this template. Trading name is the online name you use to trade and access friend safaris, not what you’re looking for in a trade :stuck_out_tongue: