Looking for pokerus

Trading Name: Graumy

Offer: Don’t have much though. I’m in the middle of the game trying to speed my EV training. I just got a shiny Snover if someone is interested.

Request: One battle or one random pokemon with pokerus so i can start my chain.

I’ll be very happy to share my pokerus afterwards.

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I have a Squirtle & a Tyrunt with Pokerus! :smile:

I would be happy to part with them!

But first, I would like to know how many badges you have first?

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Thks for your response. I have currently 3 badges.

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Ok! Then I would like to trade one of them for a Banette/Shuppet!

& if you don’t have those two, I would then like a Trevenant/Phantump if possible!

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Well i have one Banette but it has a lowering attack nature. Can catch you one better though.

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No that’s ok, I’ll just breed it with a ditto later! :laughing:

Anyway, my Trading Name is Epsilom 317

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Ok just got one with one perfect IV. Ready when you are !

I’d rather have the Squirtle if that’s ok.

Mine is Graumy.

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Ok! I’m Ready! :smiley:

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Thks mate ! Have a great day !

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Ok! :grin: you 2! :wink:

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