Looking for pokerus [Solved]

Trading Name: farscape

Offer: 1 iv stone or huge power adamant marills with belly drum+ aqua jet + superpower + a few perfect ivs (3-4)

Request: any trashmon with active pokerus

Further info: feel free to contact me either here or on Discord at π’»π’Άπ“‡π“ˆπ’Έπ’Άπ“…π‘’#6153 if you’re willing to trade

I would wana one of the marils. What Mon u want to have pokerus?

any pokemon with active pokerus so i can spread it to my party and ev train it faster :smile:

Sure, right now I am getting ready to sleep btw, so, see ya later

no problem, thanks for your time, sleep well :sleepy:

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Thanks man have a good day

We have the exact same time lol

you too

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We’re are u leaving lol? ( I just wanna know your timezone, u can only tell me your timezone if u want @farscape)

GMT+3 according to google, i’m still here

Thanks! I will let ya know when I wake up lol

aww i want a maril and i have pokerus

i can always trade, i have at least 2-3 marills i believe

A very kind user in discord just traded me for free, however i can still trade marills with adamant nature huge power belly drum+aqua jet+waterfall or superpower with 2/3/4 perfect ivs for other similarly bred mons (currently 2 badges in >.<)

@farscape I have some bredmons but they are all 5IV and good nature so I will pass

If u could get one with 5IVS I will happily trade some of my bredmons ( have a lot of Delta squirtles bred up if u are interested and some brave roggenrolas, together with some beldums ruin)

i can give you pokerus for iv stone

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