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Looking for Pokemon with specific Trainer IDs

Trading Name: StormofTorren

Offer: Any non-legendary Pokemon or Phione

Request: Any Pokemon with a Trainer ID number ending with a specified combination of two numbers

Further info: I have recently completed my Pokedex, so now my activity is limited to seeing what I get every day in the Trainer ID Lottery. I want to have enough diversity of Trainer IDs in my collection that I always receive a PP Up or higher. If you have a Pokemon with a Trainer ID that ends with any of the two-digit combinations listed below, I am willing to give you any reproducible Pokemon for it.

Number combinations:

02; 03; 04; 06; 07; 08; 10; 11; 12; 14; 15; 16; 17; 18; 20; 21; 22; 23; 25; 26; 27; 28; 29; 30; 31; 32; 33; 34; 35; 36; 37; 38; 39; 40; 41; 42; 43; 44; 45; 49; 50; 53; 54; 56; 57; 58; 60; 63; 66; 67; 68; 69; 70; 71; 72; 73; 75; 76; 77; 78; 79; 80; 82; 84; 85; 86; 88; 89; 90; 91; 92; 93; 94; 95; 96; 98; 99

My ID number ends in 15. Any chance you’re set up to breed a moderately decent delta axew?

Edit: Actually, unless you’re willing to go through the trouble of getting me a Jolly, Strong Jaw delta axew, I’d take just a male spiritomb to breed nasty plot off of.

My Id number ends in 18. Id love a Delta Larvesta (would like if it was timid natured, but it doesn’t really matter kek)

do you possibly have a shiny deino? i can try to do a few of em for it if you’re down

Absolutely. When are you available to trade?

With enough soft resets, Delta Axew shouldn’t be too much trouble. When are you available to trade?

The shiny Deino I received from the Broadcast Tower has already fully evolved, and the only other way to get a Deino is in the Safari Zone. I can see how well I do finding a shiny Zweilous in the Friend Safari, if you like.

that’s ok if its fully evo’d, i just collect em in general. If you’re willing to shiny hunt something else tho i do have a good number of OTs i can trade for it OuO

I’ve come to realize that I’d prefer an adamant/gale wings delta torchic a jolly/technician delta aipom or a delta ditto, but I figure you’d probably not be willing to spend on the hidden ability and ditto isn’t reproducible. I’ll take the delta axew.

I’m working from home, so if you post a time between noon and midnight EST (5pm - 5am gmt) I should be able to hop on.

Edit: Can’t make my mind up what should go in my 6th spot. Would honestly give this trade away for free, so I’ll take whatever’s most convenient.

Probably in 10 hours from now.

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In that case, I’ll just go with the Hydreigon and then catch a Zweilous for myself if I need to. What times are you available to trade? I should be available most Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays from 2 - 6 pm EST (7 - 11 pm GMT).

How does trading Tuesday the 4th at 3 pm EST sound?

…whoops. Guess I should have been clearer about my schedule. I should be available for trades on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays from 2 - 6 pm EST (7 - 11 GMT).

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That should be fine.

My Trader ID is also Jaqzz. Having only wondertraded before, I assume I just enter your ID and wait for the connection?

i can trade ya a bredmon timid deino with my ID (ends in 53) if ya want? I can do IDs ending in 92, 58 and 82 for this in addition?

Sounds good. When are you available?

ah, are you free right now?

The disparity between response times is tragic. You two should just pm and work out a time using time zone coordination so it doesn’t become a back and forth every 6 hours.

As much as I’d like to do that, I don’t know how to pm. I suppose I should make a new stipulation: Please give at least 24 hours notice for any trading time, suggested or confirmed. Thank you all for your continued patience.

ah, do you possibly have discord? im much more active on there, so if u do, j hmu, my users hulaunicorns#6737