Looking for Pokemon with Active Pokerus Strain

Hey there, i learned that the best way to get Pokerus is to have someone trade the Pokemon that is infected by it to you. I need one so i can boost my ev training capacity, as i still have several Pokemons that i would like to train. So i’m here looking for one.

Don’t have much to offer, but i have a shiny Kangaskhan if you want. We can discuss about my offer in the comments if you have a specific pokemon that you want in mind.


Any particular pokemon you’d like to have infected? I’d be able to trade other stuff too for the shiny kangaskhan

Conkeldurr, i wanna train one after i saw it in the elite 4 lol. By the by, is Pokerus only works on one stat or the Pokemon infected able to double their EVs on all stat??

Addition: Oh yeah, i’d like to train my Groudon too as well

no problem! I have two timburr right now that can pass on pokerus and mach punch egg move if you want. Yep it’ll affect EV’s gained for all stats

Is there any limitation in terms of the infection? any particular Pokemon that can’t be infected or any conditions that have to be followed? Btw, that Timburr sounds amazing i would love to have one, can it spread the infection to other Pokemons as well?

yep, I think the strain will remain active and pass on to all pokemon around the infected one for about 24 hours or so. then it turns grey, which means you still get the benefits of pkrs, but is no longer able to pass it on to other pokemon. Other than that, all pokemon can be infected, so no other limitations

The 24 Hours cool down will freeze if the pokemon is stored in the PC right? btw whats the nature of your pokerus timburr?? Sorry for the questions haha, this is my first time going really deep in Pokemon mechanics and i find myself really enjoying it, and learning from someone is always better than scouring the net. I hope you don’t mind

No problem at all! Yep, pkrs will remain active on any pokemon stored in the PC until you take it out and let that timer run out. It’ll be an adamant nature female timburr.

here’s your timburr! I can also throw some IV stones your way as well

aight thats great! i would love to have that Timburr.

btw, here’s my shiny Kangaskhan info:
lvl: 16
Nature: Impish
IV: 24/30/20/25/19/20
Ability: Early Bird

I think the IVs are fantastic, not like its Nature lol. will you be okay with that?

Oh yeah that’s perfectly good by me!

aight here’s my trade name: BataraKala. Does it need only one person to invire to trade or both have to invite one another?

we’ll both have to sign in and put eachother’s names in (otherwise it may say one person is offline). My trade name is same as on here, so plenty easy! I’ll get onto the trade window in a quick sec for ya

okay, i’m already on the trade window

Heyy, we good?

i can’t reach you, you’re offline

My apologies, my computer charger cord got disconnected, and my computer ended up dying and was really slow to reboot. It’ll take a second to go back to my PC to grab your timburr and reinfect it. Still good to trade in a few mins?

ah thank god i thought you cancel the trade. Great as long as we keep in touch i dont mind waiting :+1:

ah and also if i infect my other pokemons with Pokerus, then i store one of them in PC, will it be able to infect other Pokemons in the in the future?

ENDING NOTE: Aight and that’s it we’re done! thx a bunch tho! not only for the pokemon but also for the info, i got A LOT of shinies maybe one day we can trade again! Cheers!

haha nope, just some really bad luck on my end lol. Now I just need to get the game to stop freezing on me!