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Looking for original Delta Pokémon

Hi guys, girls and everything in-between!

Ok, yeah, I know it’s been almost a month since my last Analysed episode but I have a big project going on.

Basically, I have a D&D group with two friends and my sister. We all agreed I would, one day, be the Dungeon Master and I’ve decided to make some steps and create my own campaign for that occasion. However, I will be doing it on Pokémon Tabletop United (PTU for short) instead of D&D. It is exactly what it sounds like, a Tabletop RPG game where Player Characters are Pokémon Trainer.

My campaign happens in Unova 20 years after the events of SWSH in an alternative dimension. This Unova has the layout of Pokémon White, which means Opelucid City has the old style and White Forest is present instead of Black City. However, even if the layout is the one of White, N had Zekrom and Ludvig (BW 1 male protagonist) has Reshiram just like in Black. Few things has changed since the events of Black 2 roughly 23 years ago.

  1. As it happens after USUM, Grimsley is no longer part of the Unova E4. Benga is now part of it as a replacement. The E4 is now constituted of Shauntal, Benga, Caitlin, Marshal and Iris.
  2. Between Nacrene City and Pinwheel Forest is now a Safari which contain many Galarian Pokémon. As a result, many trainers in Unova now has Galarian Pokémon too. Example, Roxy now has a Toxtricity as her ace Pokémon and Elesa sometimes uses a Boltund during battles.
  3. Drayden has died about 5 years ago and is now replaced by Arthur. He, however, has difficulty controlling his Dragons as they don’t see him as worthy of their powers. Even with monsters such as Haxorus and Salamence, Arthur often times end up loosing. As a reason, the Opelucid City habitants started wanting to kick him out of the Gym. Another deceised trainer is Clay, although that is about a week before the game starts (heart attack) and Driftveil City is pannicking to find a new Gym Leader and a new president for the PWT.
  4. Bianca is now the local professor of the region and has a doughter, Jenny, who is one of the Player Character. Rosa became one of the greatest actress in the world and is still making movies at the Pokéwood. Cheren is still a Gym Leader.
  5. There is a music school in Accamula Town. Who could forget that OST?
  6. Since Cyntha is now pretty old, she is no longer the Sinnoh’s Champion. Althought she often go in other region and ends up crushing most trainer she come by, she is currently at Undella town is what could seems to be a secondairy house.

Alright, now the good stuff.
The campaing is mainly focusing on two evil teams: Rainbow Rocket and Team Delta.

The Rainbow Rocket is a big deal in this dimention. The International Police struggle to keep up with what the RR brings against them. The RR has sucessfully implemeted itself in all corners of the world and they are generally know as a threat in both sides of the legal spectrum. Not only having a monopoly on the Snag Machine market, but also being the most proliferic Pokémon poachers in the world. They also are the second biggest drug dealers out there. Needless to say, the local criminal organisations have a hard time keeping up as well and we can often see corpses marked with RR on them in contested territory.
One of the International Police’s best agent, Agent Borealis, is currently working on their link with Team Delta.

Team Delta is a scientific organisation trying seeking out how to brings Pokémon power to that of a legendairy, wich is bascially turning a Starraptor into a diety. The Team head researcher and leader, Alfred, has visions of a world devastated by 7 Pokémon representing the seven deadly sins:

  • A Gardevoir who manipulated the entire Jotho-Kanto region and slughtered all mens and many womens. (Lust)
  • A Slowbro that put all of Kalos to sleep Darkrai style and paralysed the whole region. (Sloth)
  • A Tyranitar so powerfull it turned Hoenn and it’s legendaries into dust. (Wrath)
  • A green Infernape that made Sinnoh crumble on itself due to infighting over it. (Envy)
  • A Sabeleye that turned the Galar region into a waistland after oblitaring its economy. (Greed)
  • A Gyarados that swallowed Unova whole. (Glutonny)
  • A Pidgeot so majestic it caused the Alolan Islands to start a war over its feathers. (Pride)
    Deep into madness, Alfred attemps to create them in this dimension to rule over the planet and, if he has the time, the entire universe.

Now consumed by madness, Alfred has made a deal with the Rainbow Rocket. The RR would sponsor Team Delta and supply them with anything they needed in exchange of an army of the so called “7 Doomsday Pokémon” after they are able to mass-produce them.
Problem is, they almost succeded.
What they done instead is create artificially created Pokémon. After tempering with DNA and genomes when the Pokémon is still developping inside its egg, they managed to create new subspecies: the Delta Pokémon. Not only that, a secret lab in the Dreamyard also succeded into doing something one would see as an abomination, Delta Humans. Humans sharing part of their DNA with actuall Pokémon. So far, the only Delta Humans that didn’t died due to cancer or other types of mutations are SNE107 and DIA249, respectively Sneasel and Diancie.

Of course, in the meantime, Team Delta also created other Delta Pokémon such as the Nocturne Gardevoir (Ghost/Dark) and a Fighting/Steel type Delta Nidoking. Now, I want your ideas! I’ll put the best in my PTU game.


How about a Rock/Fire variant of Klinklang, based on an ancient calendar, with Levitate, Evaporation, and Solar Power? Roughly based off of the Mayan calendar, the first 2 would be pure Rock type and the last would be infused with the power of the sun. (notable moves: the standard physical rock moves, Power Gem, Solar Beam, Flame Charge, Flare Blitz, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Heat Wave, Meteor Beam, Rock Polish, Universal TMs, Strength Sap, Earth Power, Sky Attack, Earthquake, Gear Grind, Shift Gear, Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, Recover, Refresh, Rapid Spin, Stealth Rock.)

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Another mon I had an idea for was a Ghost Steel Magnezone. It’s lost the electrical charge, and is decaying, slowly rotting after falling into the ocean. It has an ability that applies a reskinned Forest’s Curse to it, let’s just called it Seaweed Stranglehold for now. It gets Power Whip, Double Iron Bash, Flash Cannon, Leech Seed, Poltergeist, Dive, Surf, Energy Ball, Liquidation, Rain Dance, Weather Ball, Shadow Ball, Iron Defense, Destiny Bond, Whirlpool, Flip Turn, Corrosion, Lunar Cannon, Snap Trap, Explosion, Universal TMs and UFI’s signature move. Credit to the HBF server for the spitball idea, tho I did flesh out most of it myself.

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