Looking for noibat

Trading Name: noibat

Offer: not so much

Request: noibat

Further info:

Hi Niky! I can help, I’m making an egg right now ^^

Thank u so much, I’ve just started the game so I don’t have lot of Pokémon, tell me if u need someone in particular

Nah, I’m good, I completed the dex just few weeks ago XD (little flex :P)
What’s your trading name? I tried Niky Nich as your profile said but I didn’t find you

It’s NikyNich

I tried a couple of times to trade with you, is all okay?

First time that I trade sorry, i’m on trade option in pokenav, what I need to do?

Mmm from my end it says that NikyNich isn’t online, try to exit and re-log in, I’ll do the same :slight_smile:

What’s your name?


Thank u so much

Attila is it possibile for u to help me also with a pawniard trade?

Sure but not today, I’ve a kinda busy day… Open a new thread in case you find someone else ^^ I’ll answer that once I’m available


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