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Looking for inferape / chimchar / monferno

Trading Name: yuip

Offer: I’ll trade mudkip for a chimchar, and a shiny delta for an infernape.

Request: infernape / chimchar / monferno

Further info: not really looking for anything else.

i can get u infernape

hm ok, get me an infernape if you can, tell me when u have it.

and make sure it isn’t really high level, i want it around level 36 - 40 @Ackreeik

cant you just find infernape at murk forest since there is a chimchar there so whats the point of trading a shiny for a infernape?

you could find a chimchar there, not infernape

chimchar evolves into infernape

can i get it 2 u tommaroow i got a test

if you use the audino trader it would take less than 20 minutes to level it

so what is the point of trading a SHINY for a pokemon you could get in like 15 minutes?

i dont really need the shiny anyway

or i could just trade him the mudkip

yep the smarter move

yea i’ll probs do that

@Ackreeik are you okay with a mudkip or no

could i ask you for a trade tho could you trade me some full restores and some max potions since im kinda stuck in the elite four, i have no max potions or full restores, i will pay you back after i beat the rest of the 2.

whats the payment though

i will give you a mega stone after i beat the elite four

I could get an infernape if you still need it

ok im back so the infenape is level 45 and if you still want is my trading name is wagisha