Looking for good pokemon to use for the E4

I have a good team already but I keep getting taken down due to lack of pp on all of my mons good moves. If anyone has any suggestions for mons/movesets I’d greatly appreciate it!

My mega delta scizor is quite powerful but i can’t get through the E4 either, as my only other decent pokemon are giratina and mew who are under lvl 90, the scizor is 110 though

I used this team: Delta Charizard/ Mew /Thundurus/ Charizard / Feraligatr / Lucario. I beat at first attempt, but with a couple of soft resets. 0 fainted mons in E4 and 1 fainted against champion. All mons were at lvl 90

Got it. Thanks

if you want more info just tell me

It’d be nice to know the delta charizard’s moveset and also if you know a good way to level up fast without hacks

I use lucky egg on victory road on level trainer in secret base. D. Charizard dataset was Ice Beam/ Dragon Pulse / Shadow Ball / Lunar Cannon with his mega stone

Ice beam… interesting, TM im guessing? Right now I have Fly Lunar Cannon Dragon Pulse and Phantom Force

Yes, TM, just to protect him from dragon + flying. I can rely on dragon pulse, but against dragon + flying ones I have him and Charizard. It’s because my other mons had other attacks, so for covering the others and making a good team, for me it’s useful ice beam

Thanks, was thunderous a good pokemon when you were fighting because i believe i know how to get one, oh and how to get lucky egg?

My Thundurus is pretty good. It had T-wave, Thunderbolt, dark pulse and sludge bomb. Item: scope lens. It gave me sone critical hits and thanks to his big Special Attack, I could manage with Baton Pass team and Trick Room as well. Cause first of all I used Feraligatr (my slowest pkm) and after using some potions on him, I kill the first one and trick room dissapeared. After that, Thundurus killed a mon per turn.

Lucky egg can be found in Koril town house with Loudreds one of them holds it and also in Hekate Town.


Just got it, thanks for help, i’ll tell you if it works

Any recommendations for catching the thunderous? Just found it

use a ground/steel or ground/rock pkm cause he has thunder and crunch and thrash as attacks I think. I used a Nidoking and lots of ultraballs

And if i run, will he still be there when i come back?

if you want, we can battle and you can see my team. All the mons will be at level 50

I don’t know haha I think you should catch him if you can or save before the encounter

That’d be fine, lemme try to catch this thunderous first