Looking for Good IV/Nature Bred Pokemon

Trading Name: TheDevilsApprentice

Offer: No specific rare items like IV Stones or Heart Scales, Willing to trade a bunch of story mons(will get some wih decent ivs, but nowhere near perfect), in a matter of hours trained lv 100+ pokemon with the audino trainer for the story and post-game, and i’m willing to trade any or hunt and train a certain pokemon you would like to trade.

Request: Mostly Breedjects, i dont want anything fantastic, just Pokemon with their best natures and tolerable Ivs, i dont care if it isn’t 5/6IV or anything like that, just pvp usable pokemon(Mostly deltas)

Further info: Looking for decent pokemon to train up for my Online Battle/PVP team.

for a shiny id give you 6 pokemon you want with perfect ivs and fully ev trained with a decent nature (if you have any shinies that I want of course)

What specific shiny do you want? I only have 2 since i recently finished post game, A shiny Hydreigon(Story, you always get it if you did the broadcast quests) and a random Nidoran M with “Ok” ivs and an “Ok” nature, thats all i have sadly when it comes to shinies.

sadly those aren’t in my interest currently if you find any other shinies in your way and you don’t want them just tell me il gladly trade some items or pokemon for it

If i get lucky and find a certain shiny sure

I’m interested in the male nidoran. If you’re willing to accept 6 bred Pokémon (which aren’t legends or 1.2 deltas) with good natures, IVs and depending on the Mon, moves. If you’re ​interested in 1.1 deltas, I have a few, though some might not be optimal nature.

Edit: Trade complete for nidoran.

A list of mons that I already have ready to breed though I can breed other requests if the chains are possible. Edit: the pokemon will be level 1 and non ev trained though, since you mentioned nido isn’t good natured.

Hi, i’m willing to trade it for those, i dont care too much if they aren’t legends/deltas, i just want some good competititive mons.

I will trade it for your

Zorua Timid(Any)

Torchic Ada/Speed Boost

Pawniard Ada/Defiant

Bagon Jolly/Sheer Force

Larvitar Adamant/Any

Snivy Timid/Contrary

Thank You, where do you want to meet to trade?(Discord preferred)

I can do those, I prefer discord too :slight_smile:, though I won’t be able to trade till around 3 hours from now, would you be free to trade then?

Sure no problem, i will

Will meet you on the insurgence discord at that time, my name there is Sleepymon12

I can trade you some nice competitive delta mons with good nature and 5 IV

All delta

Torchic Adamant 5 max IV except spatk(you can make do hidden ability gale wings)

Noivern Bold 5 max IV except atk

Volcarona Modest 5 max IV except atk(you can make hidden ability Absolution)

Charmander Modest 5 max IV except atk

Goodra Calm 5 max IV except atk

Chandelure Modest 5 max IV except atk(you can make hidden ability fairy aura)

@iamrai Lubbock can’t reply here cause they’re a new account and new accounts have limited per day in the beginning. Do you have discord? Their name there is ThisIsANickname#4422

ok thanks sleepy

One more line, you’re welcome :slight_smile:

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