Looking for ghost/dragons

gusdarkhunter will find an iv stone looking for ghost/dragon pokemon :iv already gotten the pokemon I need thank you for looking at this

I can give you a tyrunt, duoblade, gabite, and rotom. Also, this post may be taken down because it doesn’t follow the normal trading format.

that would be cool if you could and I’m sry I latterly started about two hours ago when I notice I could reach out thur here

I’ll tell you when your pokemon are ready In advance, my trading name is Dechozen101

thank you do you care what pokemon I send you or can the ones I send be whatever

Don’t care. If you could, I’d like an IV stone which you can get from rock smashing or from a hiker in a certain town. You can smash rocks with ANY fighting type move.

I bearly finished the trainer school tournament in midna town I think its called so Ill try to smash some rocks to get it for you but I don’t know if I be able to

There are several rocks in that town’s mine that can smashed. You press “P” near a rock to respawn it. By the way, I’m done and have your pokemon ready. My name is Dechozen101. Tell me when you sent a request.

okay I will ill give a few smashes a try then ill tell you

They’re quite rare. You can pay me back later. I’ll give you the pokemon right now.

okay I don’t know what happen I typed your name into the who I want to trade with and screen went black

Yeah, that’s the waiting screen Your screen turns black as you wait for the other person to send you a request

By the way, your name is not Hunter K. Tell me your trading name, not your trainer name

wait is the trading name going to be the same as here since that’s what I use to log onto online play or my trainer name

The one you use for online play. By the way, anything you type after a space will not show.

ya it be the same as here gusdarkhunter

Ok. Send me a request now.

wait I need to get the pokemon again

Fine. Hurry up.

okay I’m waiting