Looking for Foreign Ditto

Trading Name: SleeplessDream

Offer: 1-6 IV Ditto (ENG/USA)

Request: 1-6 IV Ditto (Non-ENG/USA)

Further info: Have a Ditto W/ 1 natural 31, and can make it 6. Looking to trade for equivalent IV setup ditto.

Hey, I hace a Portuguese Ditto w/ 31 HP/Atk/SpA, any chance you can give 1 regular and IV stones?

I can get it to 3 IV’s if you want, sure

I ment, I give u a 3 IV’d one and u give me the IV stones instead?

How many are you thinking?

Uhhh maybe 3?

So it’d be my 3 31 IV ditto for 3 IV stones

Nah, that’s a bit more than I’m willing to give up right now

how about 2?

I guess I could do two

So, you gonna have to walk me trough the process since I don’t know how to trade ^^’

It’s in your Dexnav

there’s the one button you click to scan and 3 to the right of that. Trading is the middle of the three

let me just go get ditto from the day care

Ok, got it, so, now I send it to your name? Ready when u are

When you log into the dexnav, what’s the name you use?


trying to connect to you

says: sleeplessdream doesnt exist?

oh, it worked now xD

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